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Hiring the Right Person for the Job you Need!

In the event you need to file documents and you need to hire just the right person, double check a few things prior to hiring them to do the job. 

First, you will want to know the previous experience of the person you are hiring. This ensures the person you are hiring knows exactly what you need to file and has the knowledge of typing in the forms correctly.

Secondly, does that person specialize in the area you need help with? For example, if you have a child custody problem, make sure the person you hire specializes or has knowledge in the Family Law field. If you need help with evictions and landlord/tenant issues, find someone who specializes in Unlawful Detainers.

Third, whomever you hire, make sure they have compassion for the situation you are in. Don't make the mistake of hiring someone who is rushing you out of their office. If you remember these few details of the person you are looking to hire, you can make a difference when it comes to the outcome of your paperwork being completed and done correctly.

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Prepare Yourself for a Divorce

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                                                                                   Legal Document Assistant (LDA) vs. Paralegal  
To clarify, a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) provides self-help assistance to the public who are representing themselves in legal matters. They are licensed to legally sell documents to the public which is more affordable than paying high attorney fees.  According to the Sacramento County Public Law Library, a Legal Document Assistant is permitted to: 1) prepare legal documents; 2) provide attorney-authored general information and published legal documents; and 3) file and serve documents at the direction of the client.

A Paralegal works directly under the supervision of an attorney in a law office. It is quite often that people get confused with what a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) and a Paralegal do. A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) and Paralegal are not attorneys and cannot answer legal questions. For more information on this topic please visit the Sacramento County Public Law Library if needed.                        

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Protecting Your Children


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